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An example of how we use this technology is when you look at our items. If you want to sort these at your own preference, we store this information in a cookie so the same preference automatically will be chosen on the next page or query.

When a cookie is written from this website to your computer this website will not gain access to your computer, but we can use this technology to identify your computer.

These cookies is usually classified as "session" or "permanent".

  • "Session"-cookies will not be stored on your computer when you leave this website or close your web-browser. The aggregate information collected permits us to analyze traffic patterns on our site. Eventually, we may thus provide a better experience on our site by improving content or personalization and making our site easier to use.
  • "Permanent"-cookies are those that remain on your computer. They are used to facilitate personalization and registration. Cookies, for example, keep track of what you have on your custom choices, automatically helping to fill in forms etc.
    "Permanent" cookies can be removed manually by the user

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